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Choosing a hostel

We tick all the right boxes?

When visitors to Rowan Tree ask us how we ‘get it right’ at our hostel, we give them one simple answer, and it’s the single guiding value that has been in place since the beginning: we offer the kind of facilities and service that WE would want to receive from a hostel ourselves. Never expect a guest to be happy with something that we wouldn’t accept. It’s a simple rule – and it works. But we also understand that, when you’re thinking of staying with us, you might want a little more detail as to how we measure up. What can you expect? What are some of the ‘trademarks’ of a good hostel? How can hostel facilities help maximise your holiday time?

Of course there’s plenty of info available on line to help guide you on your way. But from official authorities like to independent bloggers, there’s a general agreement as to exactly what to look out for. From breakfast to bunk beds – there are definite ‘tells’ which will help you answer the ultimate question ‘stay or nay?

The RIGHT accommodation for YOU
Many hostels offer only dormitories. Some mix males with females, and only certain hostels offer private rooms. There’s no right or wrong here – it simply depends what YOU want. At Rowan Tree Hostel, we’re geared to offer you the exact accommodation you want and would never expect you to ‘put up’ with anything that makes you uncomfortable. Our room options include dorms for groups, through to family rooms, private rooms – and everything in between. Just let us know your specific need when booking.

Quality is in the detail
The last thing you want on holiday is to put up with a lumpy mattress! Our hostel has only the best quality beds along with superior linen, to add that extra level of comfort and pleasure. And it’s this kind of detail that gives you clues as to our general standards. Think about it… a hostel that goes to the trouble of having fine, matching bed linen is likely to take quality quite seriously. Another tick for Rowan Tree Hostel!

Breakfast included!
Being able to start your day with a breakfast makes all the difference, but eating out daily can get expensive. That’s why it’s smart to choose a hostel that offers breakfast, like Rowan Tree , which offers a delicious continental breakfast INCLUDED in the daily rate.

Built-in privacy
Although much of the love of hostel holidaying is the sociable aspect – this needn’t extend to all of your comforts. So be sure to check out what bathroom facilities are available. At Rowan Tree, most of our rooms have en suite bathrooms - and all bathrooms are modern, well-maintained and immaculately-kept.

Chances are you won’t want every meal out, and you can save quite a bit by rustling up a meal in the hostel. So kitchen facilities are important to give you this option. Rowan Tree Hostel has a modern, spacious and excellently-equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare meals.

Check-out the check-out times
You didn’t expect to have such a late night and now you have to get up for an early check-out? Some hostels have quite restrictive check-out times, which won’t always suit you. At Rowan Tree we understand if you need a little extra time to get ready to leave – we won’t rush you.

Those little extras
The days of hostel ‘back to basics’ are over – and the little extras offered can make the difference between a ho-hum experience and a great holiday. At Rowan Tree Hostel we offer free wi-fi, lockers for your peace of mind, and a relaxing, pleasant common area where you can chill after a busy day exploring.

Staff in-the-know
A hostel that is run by people who are knowledgeable about the area, its attractions and amenities, will add great value to your holiday – and can save you a fortune in time, money and effort. At Rowan Tree we love sharing our love for County Clare with our guests - and passing on lots of hints and tips.

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