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Cliffs of Moher


Expertly-run, excellently-appointed and equipped, and beautifully-positioned on the bend of the River Fergus in picturesque Ennis, County Clare – it’s not hard to find great things to say about our much-loved hostel! A gem of a find for the kind of Irish adventure you’ve dreamed about! But why take our word for it? No one will give you a better idea of what our place is all about, than some of the wonderful people who have stayed here – and who keep coming back. And no one could say it better than Rowan Tree ‘regular’ and California-native, David Lewicki…

David has spent two happy holidays with us at the hostel – with another one planned for this year. We asked him to share his thoughts on Rowan Tree – and why we are his hostel of choice.

RT: David – where do you live and what do you do when you’re not enjoying holidays in Ireland?
DL: I live in Nevada City in the Sierra Foothills of North Eastern California. It’s a small town with a lot of great mining history. I’ve been an independent software contractor for almost 20 years, but right now I’m busy diversifying and stepping back from the industry a bit.

RT: So why Ireland?
DL: Well, I’m actually one quarter Irish – but to be honest, I think it’s just something about the music that I connect with. It feels like me. The music draws me every time – and there’s honestly nowhere like Ennis for the real Irish trad music experience.

RT: What are your passions?
DL: I love to travel and be in the great outdoors! I enjoy adventure – but nothing too hectic! My big passion is playing the Irish Trad fiddle – and I just love the culture that surrounds it. I’ve met so many great people through my love for the music – both in Ireland and here in the States.

RT: So why Rowan Tree Hostel? What brings you back?
DL: It’s the full package, really. Incredible location, the beautiful historical building, the great café below and the excellent amenities that the hostel offers. The rooms are good, the common spaces are cool – and there’s great internet access. I think you get value for money – it really is a very reasonable price, and it ticks all my boxes.

RT: And the service?
DL: Yeah, there really are some special folk at Rowan Tree. Friendly, professional, helpful and intelligent people who really ‘get’ what hostel guests are looking for. They’re thoughtful, and quite literally always there to help you out and give advice that’s above and beyond. They’ve been a great bunch of people to get to know. Everything about staying at the Rowan Tree just seems to always be incredibly natural and easy.

RT: How do the rooms rate?
DL: They’re right up there with the quality you’d expect from a really good hostel – but with more space and light than you normally get. Lots of the rooms have incredible views of the river, abbey and surrounding town.

RT: What’s the atmosphere like?
DL: You get a really wonderful mix of people – all ages, backgrounds and cultures. There are young people who are excited to be travelling as well as older folks, families and solo travellers too. You also get people from other Irish towns that are staying in Ennis for the night. It’s a mix that makes for a great energy!

RT: What is the location like?
DL: It just can’t be beat. I can walk from my room to just about anywhere in town in a few minutes. Ennis itself is a real music hub so there’s live trad sessions in all the bars, every night. There’s great shopping and lots to do – but the town is also the perfect place to slow down to a gentler pace, and spend some time relaxing.

RT: Finally – 3 words that best describe Rowan Tree Hostel?
DL: Home away from home. Ok that was three words and a preposition. *Laugh* Sorry!

* We’re the perfect base for an Easter getaway in county Clare.
* Bookings are truly hotting up for the year, so don’t leave it too late to make your reservations.
* For the best vacation value – book directly with us at Rowan Tree Hostel. We’ll also be offering you lots of great saving tour packages very soon!